What makes Shining Star International School standout amongst its competitors?

What makes Shining Star International School standout amongst its competitors?

There are many schools in Abu Dhabi offering a CBSE curriculum. How does Shining Star International School compare against these schools and what does it offer that is different? Why is SSIS the best in its segment? Is it true that Shining Star School has its own mosque and Imam?

Shining Star International School Is a jewel in the school landscape of Abu Dhabi. It’s 10 acre campus is one of the biggest in Abu Dhabi, where schools generally tend to be built on 4 acre plots. It also has its own mosque and prayers are led by the inhouse Imam, one of the very few schools in the region to have this facility for its students.

It is an International school with full CBSE and ADEK accreditation. CBSE is the largest examination conducting entity across the globe. Currently 20,000+ schools in India and 200 schools in 28 countries across the globe follow the CBSE syllabus.

Shining Star International school is led by an experienced SDG certified Principal and provides its students holistic learning across a wide range of subjects combined with extra-curricular activities which help them develop a diverse range of useful life skills. Its curriculum is research oriented and designed to challenge students with varied abilities. Currently 22 nationalities are studying at Shining Star International School. SSIS as it is more commonly known is  ‘The Best In Its Segment’ because it offers the most economical value based proposition for parents looking for a school that offers a fine balance between academics and extra-curricular activities.

The school campus has 2 blocks along with football and cricket playing fields, running tracks, badminton and practice pitches. Landscaping and a kitchen garden surround the buildings and the KG children have their own play area in the form of the jungle gym. It’s teachers are trained to help kids discover their hidden talents before grooming them to be Shining Stars

Shining Star International School welcomes children from all ethnicities and cultures and guarantees to provide individual attention to each. They also have special programs for Children of Determination. This program is designed to provide individual care to each of the students including privileges and modifications, individualized educational plans, extra academic support, modified papers based on special needs, leaning support assistants, motivational exercises and much more.

The school recently launched a string of new initiatives which include technology-led classrooms, pastoral care, volunteer programs, MUN, sustainable development goals, variety of clubs, sustainable development goals, school farm curriculum and global classroom projects.

 While these initiatives will take learning to a whole new level, it will also raise the benchmark by which SSIS will get compared over the next few years.



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