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Dear Parents, Staff and my Beloved Students,

As we stand at the proverbial threshold to welcome a brand-new year, I fold my hands in gratitude, while thanking the Lord Almighty for his benevolence and the opportunities offered to all of us to celebrate and rejoice in life.

2022 was a standout year for the school and will remain in our memories for a long time. It began when SSIS was recognized as an HP IDEA School by HP and Mirai Partners. Our incorporation of ‘Gratitude’ into the curriculum, got us shortlisted by T4 education as a Global Top 10 Best School in Innovation and I am grateful to our community of parents, teachers and students who used the summer break to spread the message of Gratitude far and wide.

While 2022 brought forth multiple awards and recognition to the school, it ended on a sad note for us. One of our beloved teachers Ms. Fasahat Iqbal lost her prolonged battle against a critical illness. As we bid adieu to 2022, we remember her smile and the courageous fight she put up. Hers was a life snuffed out too soon. She played a key role in supporting both the HP IDEA and T4 Education Best School Prize awards and was a brilliant and innovative teacher. She was very hard-working and always put her students first. May she receive the highest honors in the house of Allah (PBUH) and be granted the highest place in Jannat-ul- Firdaus. May her soul rest in peace. Surely, to Allah (PBUH) we belong and to Allah (PBUH) we return.

As I cast my thoughts to 2023, I believe it will be a year of outstanding achievements for the school. I have a committed team behind me and together we will strive to raise the bar, moving from being good at what we do, to being great. The new Academic Session will also witness the implementation of the New Education Policy for 2023-24. This will entail learning about our rich heritage and culture, while also affording our senior students with greater curriculum choices. SSIS celebrates the successes of all its Shining Stars and we will be continuing this legacy, all though 2023-24.

While looking forward to new tidings, I once again reach out to all parents to stand in solidarity with the school management and support Shining Star International School’s efforts to become an ‘Outstanding School.’ Let us join hands to work together and build a great school community.

I pray to the Lord Almighty to keep all of us safe, happy, and healthy. May the New Year bring renewed prosperity, reasons to cheer and celebrate, and may we always have enough.

May our Lord protect us here and hereafter.

Kind regards

Mrs. Abhilasha Singh

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The Battle of Waterloo was won on the playing fields of Eton

Duke of Wellington

Abhilasha Singh



Dear Parents,

Here’s wishing you a very Happy New Year!

Isn’t it amazing to leave 2020 behind?  It has been a year of experiential learning for all of us. It taught us to appreciate the little things in life and 2020 will be remembered for the beautiful moments we created with our loved ones.

To all you parents, “A big thank you for your patience and support over this Academic Session. We have had our challenges and triumphs, but through it all, we continued persevering with Rigor, Relevance, and Relationships – the backbone of what makes Shining Star- a truly remarkable school.”

A special thank you goes out to all the parents who placed absolute trust in us by sending their children to school every day, for Face-to-Face learning and a big thank you to the parents who entrusted their children with us on our virtual learning platforms. While there is no comparison to working with kids in person, it was the best we could come up with under the circumstances and we hope that soon we will all be back together once again on campus. I am so grateful and blessed to be associated with the amazing parents and students here at Shining Star.

As Principal, I am thankful for everyone who has worked so hard to encourage and support the teaching learning in and out of the classroom, especially our hard working and compassionate faculty and staff members who have made a huge difference in our students’ lives. I have seen the dedication and passion they bring to the classroom on a daily basis.  Their commitment to the task at hand has been outstanding and our students have been the beneficiaries.

For this and so many other countless acts you take on day in and out, we are all truly grateful.

As we welcome 2021, I am filled with Hope and Gratitude for the months ahead of us. Hope of a new dawn which brings more opportunities for accomplishments and reasons to celebrate those accomplishments. I remain in the attitude of gratitude and thank the Lord Almighty for keeping us protected, safe, and healthy.

I pray to our good Lord that 2021 will be kinder to all of us, bringing prosperity to the whole world, creating abundance and shining its’ brilliance on our Shining Stars.

May the Lord Almighty bless us here and hereafter.

I congratulate Herculean House for remaining on top consistently and all the Teach SDG Ambassadors!

I thank the Lord Almighty for keeping us protected, safe, and healthy.

All the very best for the new Year.

#2021 #Prosperity #Gratitude #Hope

The Battle of Waterloo was won on the playing fields of Eton

Duke of Wellington

Abhilasha Singh


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