Virtual Classrooms and Distance Learning

75% of mankind are confined to their homes all across the globe. Offices ,Schools and Colleges have been shut, in an attempt to flatten the curve and everyone is trying their best to follow the rules of isolation. Hopefully the darkness will soon lift to a brand new dawn. It will happen !! We all know that ! We just need to be patient. It will happen sooner than later and we must all keep the faith.

At Shining Star International School, our teachers made a collective decision to go the extra mile to by giving up 2 weeks of their school break to get trained in virtual classrooms and online platforms. We are very grateful to Microsoft Corp, USA for all their help, training and assistance and we are very pleased to announce that we are totally ready to begin our distance learning on the 13th of April 2020. All our Shining Stars were given a preview of this platform during the virtual Open House on the 2nd of April 2020 and we are excited to be a part of their new journey.

What is Distance Learning?

Teaching and Learning takes place in Virtual Classrooms where students see, listen and interact with their teachers, as if they were in school. In addition video lessons are shared with students to facilitate classwork, homework and assignments. Class tests are also conducted when required.

What does our Distance Learning Program offer and how is it different?

We are using an interactive online learning system which closely replicates what happens in traditional classroom. Our students are able to communicate live with their teachers, during the lesson!

Lesson times are notified in advance and the form tutor will take an attendance call in every class. Students attendance will be marked on The School’s Digital Campus and teachers will communicate with parents to ensure that all children are present on all days.

Our Principal, Ms. Abhilasha Singh in conversation with (Vice Principal) Ms. Anita Singh on SSIS readiness to impart Distance Learning:

Our Step-by-Step guide to access our Distance Learning – Virtual Classrooms:

A Sampling of our Primary Classes:

SSIS students comments about our Distance Learning Program:

Come and let your child experience our online teaching for FREE in our virtual classrooms for 3 days. During this period your child will take part in the live learning, along with completing classwork and homework assignments. Virtual classroom etiquette will be communicated and confirmed, before access will be granted. If you would like to take advantage of our no-obligation limited time offer, please write to us at online or call the school on 02-5599080. After 3 days access classes can be continued after the admission procedures are completed and term fees paid.

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