The SSIS Distance Learning Program

The SSIS Distance Learning Program

Covid-19 aka corona virus has become the biggest challenge faced by mankind in the last 100 years and it is now an undeniable fact, that its impact is going to last for many years to come. With no cure in sight and millions being infected worldwide, Govts and Pharma companies are scrambling to come up with possible cures and vaccines. In the meantime, people are being advised to practice social distancing and work/study from home to minimize the spread.

Difficult times throw out challenges, but resilience steps in and solutions are found which help overcome these challenges. Students and their parents were concerned on the possible loss of an academic year when lockdowns were first announced.

When ADEK shut down all schools in Abu Dhabi and announced the shift to E-learning for the first term, the teachers of Shining Star International School, gave up their two week break to prepare themselves for online teaching.

Our Distance Learning Program is now in its second week and our students and parents are loving it. We are very grateful to Microsoft Corp, USA for all their help, training and assistance. Students across the globe are having to study from home, in virtual classrooms on distance learning platforms. Teachers too have had to make the change to teaching online from their homes and we are pleased to announce that most of our teachers are now Certified Microsoft Professionals.

We began our Distance Learning journey on the 5th of April 2020. Our Shining Stars were given a preview of this platform during a virtual Open House held on the 2nd of April and we now look forward to adding many more dimensions to our virtual classrooms in the coming weeks.


How is Distance Learning different from conventional teaching?

In Distance Learning, teaching takes place in Virtual Classrooms where students observe, listen and interact with their teachers in real time. Video lessons are subsequently shared with students to facilitate classwork, homework and assignments. Class tests are also conducted on-line when required.

At Shining Star International School, our interactive learning program closely replicates everything that happens in traditional classroom. Our students communicate with their teachers during the lessons!

Lesson times are notified in advance and form tutors take attendance calls in every class. We try our best to make the virtual environment as enjoyable to the children, as if they were in school.

We are hopeful that the current situation resolves itself over the next few months, so that our students can be back in school in September 2020. In the meantime, our online classes are keeping our students safe at home and engaged, making sure they don’t lose any part of their 2020 -21 academic year.

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