Our Team


Our team of experienced educators have a proven track record in school leadership and young adult counselling. The executive leadership team is responsible for overseeing the strategic development of Shining Star International School. Our teachers are equipped to deal with kids from diverse cultures and ethnicities and we foster learning and fun in an environment that breeds peace and harmony. Teamwork is a highly promoted at SSIS and our children are trained to take on leadership roles without a title. They are taught to complete tasks and assignments with an open mind. and we believe that we are very well positioned to graduate our children to becoming outstanding leaders of tomorrow.

Abhilasha Singh
Bhavna Singh
Vice Principal
Sunil Poojari
Administration Manager
Amal Shawki
ADEK Coordinator
Sim Ajay
Primary Head
KG Supervisor
Anoop Nair
IT Manager
Anila Anand
HR Executive
Athira Chandan
Admission Manager
Ran Bahadur
Account Officer
Account Manager
Purna Tiwari
Stationery In Charge