Benefits of Studying into an International School

Benefits of Studying into an International School

Choosing the right school for your child is time-consuming at best, since we want to align the choice of school to the environment we aspire for our children. Some parents may be content with a public school, but most would like to have their children study in private schools and since there are a lot of choices, it is always advisable to examine all the possible options before arriving at a decision.
With a lot of schools opening up in Abu Dhabi, every school has something different and amazing to offer your child. But with so many options, sometimes it gets difficult to arrive at a decision. The concept of international schools started a few years ago and since then, these schools have become the ideal school for any growing child.
Here are a list of reasons why putting your child in an International school such as Shining Star may be beneficial:

Diversity is the key – In an International school, there are rigorous and internationally-acclaimed learning programs. Kids are exposed to diverse cultures and learn to mix with kids of their age coming from backgrounds and ethnicities different from their own.

International Education – From learning the local language to foreign languages spoken across the globe anything is possible. An international school gives the students a chance to be exposed to many languages so that they have an advantage if they move to another country in future.

Networking – They form relationships and learn to network with their peers from across the globe. Whilst family is the main support system of one’s life when growing up, it is the friends and acquaintances made during school and college that people come to depend on as adults.

Extra-curricular activities – International school incorporate a lot of extra-curricular activities in their curriculum. These help kids to face adversity without any fear in the future. Children develop self-confidence, elf esteem and sportsman spirit which stand them in very good stead, when they take their first steps in the adult world.

Career Options – Studying in an international school also opens many doors as career options. Students are better equipped to graduate from Ivy League colleges, thereby getting first preference in niche jobs over their peers. In today’s world, top corporates always look to hire the best and students who have studied in International Schools stand out.

Shining Star International School is one such school in Abu Dhabi. Built on a sprawling 10 acre complex, it has 2 buildings with an indoor multi-purpose hall, state of the science and computer labs, basketball courts, football fields and much more

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