Benefits of a CBSE Curriculum Based School

Benefits of a CBSE Curriculum Based School

Why do a majority of parents choose CBSE schools for their children. Have you ever thought why?

In this article, I’m going to explain the pros of studying in an International CBSE school. CBSE-  Central Board of Secondary Education is the largest school body in the world, providing primary, secondary and higher school education . It conducts the AISSCE examination for those who have completed their 12th examination. It also facilitates the AIEEE examination which is the most important entrance examinations for admission to various undergraduate technology and engineering courses.


What are the pros of studying in a CBSE school?

→ The syllabus of CBSE is holistic and more encompassing than ICSE schools. They not only provide a great education system, but they also heavily promote extra co-curricular activities.

Another benefit of CBSE schools are that they are affordable as compared to the other education systems. It provides an excellent value for money learning system while not being a burden on the pocket.

→ If you complete your schooling from a CBSE school, you are at an advantage because the CBSE learning system provides you with an edge when preparing for competitive and college entrance examinations held across the world.

→ The International CBSE school results and certification are recognized across the globe.

The CBSE syllabus is a skill-based syllabus. Its focus is very high on skill development and not just content memorization.


Important Points

  1. Does the CBSE syllabus teach students entrepreneurial skills?

Ans. The syllabus has a focus on co-scholastic skills till Grade 10. Life skills and value-based education is at its core. From Grade 11, additional subjects like Entrepreneurship, Business studies, Creative writing skills etc are introduced.

  1. Is the CBSE certificate recognized around the world?

Ans. Yes, it’s recognized globally.

The CBSE curriculum is designed to improve the learning process. This ensures that children actually learns life skills along with everything they need to know about the world around us. CBSE examinations test  the child’s understanding of what they have learnt and reward students whose answers are based on logic and self developed analytics.

International CBSE schools are known to focus on overall development of the student both mentally and physically. Their curriculum provides every child with a platform for holistic learning and mental stimulation which allows them to be ahead of their peer group in the adult world.

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